Quality People Providing Quality Care

October 01, 2006 | Donald Ammon

At Adventist Health we know that part of providing the best care possible to our patients requires employing the best people possible. And we’re proud to say that our employees are some of the finest, the brightest and the most committed group of individuals you’ll find anywhere. In the health care business, it’s important not only to have the latest medical knowledge and equipment but to ensure that the people running the machines, scrubbing into surgery and working behind the scenes are all committed to excellence.

As the following pages demonstrate, we have an amazing group of employees, physicians and volunteers who believe in what they do and the mission that guides us “to share God’s love by providing physical, mental and spiritual healing.”

For instance, you will read about a pediatrician who prays over his roster of patients each day before work. You’ll meet a nurse executive who does what it takes to make her departments run smoothly—even if it means leaving her suit in the closet and donning scrubs when a staff member calls in sick. And you’ll get to know an MRI tech who decided to pursue a second career in health care because he wanted to make a difference.

To ensure that this quality caring continues, Adventist Health not only seeks out the best and the brightest employees, but our hospitals routinely participate in numerous state and federal quality measurement and improvement programs. These initiatives are the right thing to do and give our facilities an excellent opportunity to enhance best practices and identify areas for further improvement.

In all you read, I hope it will be evident that we take our commitment to quality health care seriously. And everyday the people who report to work across our system go the extra mile to make sure that our patients receive exceptional care that ministers to the mind, body and spirit.


• Headquartered in Roseville, California

• 20 hospitals in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

• 16 home care agencies offering home health, hospice, personal care, medical equipment and infusion therapy services

• Three joint-venture retirement centers

• Approximately 19,000 employees

• More than 3,100 beds

• 122,210 admissions

• 443,565 emergency room visits

• 2,118,968 outpatient visits

• 229,805 home care visits

• 71,581 hospice days

• Provided more than $219 million in free and low-cost services to our communities in 2005

For more about the organization, visit www.adventisthealth.org