Parents: How You Can Help Your Student Succeed

January 03, 2019 | Education

1. Help define goals.

Switch the focus from choosing the perfect major to defining personal and career goals.

“It would be amazing if every student started college with clear goals of what type of life they want to live after college,” says David Lindstrom, director of the WWU student development center. “Sometimes lifestyle goals help define what kind of career suits us best.”

When a student starts college, no matter how well they did in high school, it can be a difficult transition. To help your student thrive, Lindstrom recommends talking with them about well-defined goals that include short-range goals (30 to 90 days), mid-range goals (six months to two years) and long-range goals.

2. Encourage experiential learning.

Start early to encourage your student to experience career possibilities for themselves. These experiences can help them pinpoint what they want to do and what they don’t want to do.

“The internship is the new interview,” says Lindstrom. “Internships can help students determine not just what kind of career works for them, but also what kind of company and team they want to work with.”

“Ask us about the value of experiential learning and how to engage in that process,” says Lindstrom.