Necessary Brotherly Love

BJ Colvin, a 2009 Walla Walla Valley Academy graduate and former Caring Heart award* recipient, walked through the Upper Columbia Academy registration doors firmly, yet humbly — declaring himself the "responsible party."

Colvin's parents are disabled, and he and younger brother Bradley prayed earnestly about where the Lord wanted Bradley to be this fall. It was important that his daily needs could be met, and he could get a solid Adventist education...

As the boys filled out a prayer guardian form (every student at UCA has at least one), Linnea Torkelsen, UCA alumni/development director and Prayer Patch coordinator, learned the boys' church family had gathered supplies to help stock the young Colvin's dorm room: from paper clips to bedding. The older Colvin signed all forms, assuring the school he would be responsible, even if it took him 10 years to work it off and said, "I will do it — I want my brother here."

Colvin is no stranger to responsibility. He served as an IT tech for his school annual staff, volunteered in WWVA's IT department, served as a Pathfinder counselor, was part of the UCC Pathfinder teen mission, participated at the Mountain Leadership NW Institute, and volunteers with the sound system at his home church.

A UCA prayer partner settled the younger Colvin in with a complimentary haircut. For now, both brothers are getting a Christian education: Colvin is attending Walla Walla University pursuing a master's degree in library science and working to pay for two. Want to add to "brotherly love?" Go to and click on "Give a Gift" or contact

*Colvin's Caring Heart award was for "exemplary willingness to help regardless of the task."

Video Link: Marella Rudebaugh, UCA alumnus, tells what a difference the "Worthy Student" fund made in her life and shares how important it is that we give today. The video is produced by Todd Gessele for UCA and the NPUC.

July 01, 2010 / Feature