Mission, Miracles and Milestones

October 01, 2004 | Donald Ammon

At Adventist Health, we have recently been reminded of our past and inspired by our future. The common thread? An unwavering mission that challenged us then and challenges us still to make a difference in our communities: to minister to the whole person—mind, body and spirit.

This mission has been evident at many of our facilities for decades—and in some cases for more than a century. In a year marked by historic milestones, Paradise Valley Hospital celebrated 100 years of service in San Diego County with a gala and golf benefit. Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital also doffed its hat to history with a 75th anniversary party in the rural town of Willits, California. Meanwhile, hospitals from Paradise to Portland launched building projects and expanded services to meet the growing needs of their communities.

As we look to the future and the mission that guides us, we too have turned over “fresh dirt” as we prepare to deliver even better care to those we serve. While no bulldozers were involved, there was no shortage of heavy equipment.

Five of our 20 system hospitals have installed a state-of-the-art clinical information system—with Adventist Medical Center in Portland leading the pack. This exciting new technology, known as Project IntelliCare, promises to revolutionize the health care experience for those we care for and those who deliver it.

In all we have done—and continue to do—our mission comes first. And with it comes a distinctive brand of Christian caring. To help those we serve better understand our mission, we recently published an informational brochure explaining Adventist beliefs and the history of Adventist health care.

As this new publication demonstrates, Adventist Health has a long history of mission and miracles. And this past year was no exception. Whether it was a second chance at life or a home for the homeless, our dedicated family of employees pulled together again and again to offer hope where there was heartache. I invite you to read on and rediscover the difference we’re making, one patient at a time.