Making Waves

God was caring for every aspect of this tour, even what I was packing.

When loading my suitcase, there weren't many places left for extras, due to airline regulations. However, I felt impressed to take one book about Sabbath with me.

On-board ship, we were headed to our Sabbath meeting when a gentleman asked where we were going. My friend, Sharon, shared that we were Sabbath keepers and were going to church. The gentleman was very interested. Presently he was doing research about the importance of resting on the Lord's day, and was not satisfied with how his church "kept" the Lord's day.

I told him about my book, and offered that he would possibly enjoy it. Then I retrieved the book for him. He opened it right up to the chapter "Vacationing with God," smiled widely, and said, "That's the book I need."

November 01, 2008 / Feature