Making Waves

November 01, 2008 | Margie Salcedo-Rice

One night as I began singing, the lounge doors were opened so others on-board could hear. Karen, a passenger, was drawn in and impressed to stay. I began sharing about my husband's heart attack last year. Through six hours, three hospitals and an angiogram we were sustained by praying friends. I shared how one lady placed hands on me and prayed. Another, a pastor, did the same for my husband. God's peace descended, keeping me calm. This reminds me we are God's instruments. Later I was inspired to write the song "The Touch of God's Love."

After this song, Karen knew why God impressed her to stay. You see, she wasn't supposed to be on the cruise—except her sisters convinced her to travel with her son to Alaska. She had just buried her husband that Friday and boarded the ship. Still in shock, Karen was sustained as the music was healing to her wounded spirit. I put my hands around her shoulders; we hugged and cried together. God weaves the loving symphony of compassion between his children.