Lucy's 'Bouquet'

November 01, 2010 | Lucy Mace

Heritage Singers' Highlights:

President Reagan's Inaugural Celebration

It was a real honor for us to be chosen out of all the singing groups in the U.S. for this special occasion.

Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia

This was an awesome place to sing. The place was packed and the acoustics were unbelievable.

Trip to the Philippines

We were treated like royalty and were invited to the Royal Palace to sing for President Ferdinand Marcos and Mrs. Imelda Marcos.

Touring South Africa and Swaziland

After our concert tour in South Africa, we went to Swaziland to teach people how to plant gardens. AIDS victims were assigned to work with us. What a heart-warming experience.

Evangelistic Crusades

There are too many to name, but each brought a new dimension to the Heritage ministry and a quick course in map reading. The people who have given their hearts to the Lord — those are the real rewards.

Singing in Brazil

Having the opportunity to help cast out demons in a young girl is something that is forever etched in our minds.

Our Northwest Tour

This is our favorite tour, coming home to friends and family, where we began. We enjoy seeing all of you who have supported us through the years. Thank you.


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Beyond Our Dreams

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