Literature Ministries/SOULS Northwest

August 30, 2016

Fast Facts

Our efforts have delivered more than 235,000 books and 1.3 million pieces of free literature after visiting more than 2 million homes in the Northwest.

468 students have worked in our youth literature programs (Youth Rush), 58 have attended and 36 graduated from SOULS Northwest, and collectively they’ve found more than 1,500 Bible study interests as they’ve visited homes.

SOULS Northwest students get 84 college credits and experience more than 2,000 hours of mentored ministry experience during their two-year training.


To transform young adults into leaders who can go out into the communities of the Northwest, lead people to Jesus and teach our church members to do the same.


The literature ministries department facilitates youth literature evangelism, outreach training for young adults, adult Bible worker programs and free literature distribution throughout the North Pacific Union. SOULS Northwest functions as a leadership development school for all forms of outreach evangelism including literature evangelism, Bible work and health coaching.

What's Been Accomplished

LITERATURE MINISTRIES — Expanded literature ministries into Oregon and Montana conferences (Upper Columbia, Washington and Idaho conferences already had literature ministries programs at the beginning of this term).

INITIAL TRAINING PROGRAM — From 2012 to 2013, we operated a six-month training school called Northwest Mission Institute that trained 18 students to do Bible work and literature evangelism.

SOULS NORTHWEST — In the fall of 2013, we expanded our school to be able to train leaders in outreach. By 2014, we had doubled enrollment.

LITERATURE MINISTRIES LEADERSHIP — Since 2013, we have been intentionally developing leaders at four levels: 1) conference literature ministries leaders and SOULS Northwest staff; 2) local church outreach leaders; 3) student literature evangelism leaders; and 4) new leader acquisition for student literature programs and church outreach.

The Challenges Ahead

NORTHWEST RECRUITMENT — We hope to increase “indigenous missionaries” who are from the Northwest and who will leave our ministry programs and school to work as outreach leaders in the Northwest. 

CONFERENCE LEADERSHIP — Literature ministries tends to have a higher turnover ratio than other ministries. Continual leadership development and ongoing training is necessary to provide for the leadership gap.

HOUSE-TO-HOUSE MINISTRY — For an effective church-based program, the local conference needs to step up to design programs for ongoing training and support.

Our Team

Jason Worf, director

Vince Onkoba, SOULS Northwest associate director

Alyssa Morauske, SOULS Northwest outreach/Bible work coordinator

Carsten Moutray, SOULS Northwest literature evangelism coordinator