Karl Newsome

Name: Karl Newsome

Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida

Home: Portland, Oregon

Parents: Father, Joel Sr., literature evangelist and foreman with the Jacksonville Water Department. Mother, Claudia, factory and domestic worker and convalescent center residential assistant.

High School: Jean Ribault High School, Jacksonville. Graduated in 1977.

College: Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama. Graduated in 1982 with a major in history and a minor in biology.

Graduate School: Portland State University. Graduated with a Master of Educational Administration.

Occupation: Karl is the assistant principal of the 530-student Sellwood Middle School in Portland, a role he assumed at the beginning of the school year in 2006. His responsibilities include student scheduling, testing coordinator, TAG coordinator (Talented And Gifted students), co-supervision of the 35 staff and support personnel and assists the principal. “I want to make sure our assessments of the students' needs are accurate and they receive the services they require. For me, it is all about customer service.”

He began teaching in Jacksonville in 1986 and was hired to teach science in Portland Public Schools full-time in 1995, specializing in Earth Science classes. He began to work in administration in 2004 when he became a Student Management Specialist at Jackson Middle School.

Mentors: “My parents were very influential in my life. Through the church we were constantly exposed to Oakwood as older students went back and forth. In fact, five of the six of us kids attended Oakwood at least one year and one of our sisters went to Columbia Union College.

“Our mother had a very strong work ethic and passed it on to us. It was important for me, from an early age, to put forth my best effort and give it all I have.

“Two of my teachers had a significant impact in what I do. Aaron Lockley taught church school in Jacksonville, and he inspired in me my interest in science. Randall Felton, one of my high school social studies teachers, inspired the idea of an education career.”

Hobbies: Karl is an avid sports fan and plays golf. He also enjoys music, playing the guitar and violin, as well as singing. He also loves reading and public speaking.

Spouse: Tamala Woods Newsome.

Married: August 16, 1987.

Children: Karrington, 19, and Kelson, 16.

Church Membership and Offices: Karl and Tamala are members of the University Park Church. Karl is an elder, Sabbath School superintendent and works with the prison ministry group.

February 01, 2007 / Feature