Information Technology

More than 600 gigabytes of data passed through the NPUC "firewall" last year—nearly two gigabytes per day.

The NPUC information technology department provides technical support for nearly 200 church-related employees in the Northwest.

The weekly backups performed average 280 gigabytes of data and system files... equal to approximately 56,000 copies of the King James Version of the Bible.

Just as the success of commercial business hinges on technology, so does the work of reaching people for God's kingdom. Servers, network infrastructure, computer systems and telephones for office personnel, are essential in today's technologically-advanced world. Because a trouble-free computer system has become so critical, the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) information technology department has, since 1997, offered technology engineering, management and support services to Northwest conference offices.

Our job is to empower and facilitate ministries.

Wide Area Network—Completed a WAN by 2005 to connect computer and e-mail systems for most of the local conferences.

Support Services—Provided complete troubleshooting for office personnel computer systems.

Upgrades—Routinely upgraded operating software at strategic times to keep up with current standards, new programs and security concerns.

Office Moves—Provided nearly all consulting and engineering services to both the Montana and Washington conferences before, during and after their recent office moves, resulting in significant initial and ongoing savings.

Ongoing Support—Provided up to 100 percent of the technological needs for Alaska, Montana and Washington conferences and additional consultation for Oregon and Upper Columbia conferences.

Additional Office Moves—The Oregon conference and our own NPUC offices will be moving in the near future, with all the changes in wiring and technical installation that that entails. We will repeat that process for the Washington conference in the near future as well.

Training—We will help provide access to training so our Northwest church workers stay up-to-date with current technology.

Security—As the Adventist church works on using online giving for tithes and offerings, we will be working hard to keep our network systems safe and secure for our workers and members.

Expanded Services—Our goal is to one day offer additional cost-conscious technical services for our schools, and training opportunities for our members in using technology to reach people for Christ.

August 01, 2006 / Feature