I Am Carol Zhu Min

December 22, 2014

As a children’s Sabbath School assistant, Carol Zhu Min serves as a greeter and helps in the beginner classroom. “When I came to WWU in 2011, everything was new to me," she says. "Helping in the church helped me adjust to this new community and feel like a part of this church family. It also helped me meet new people and make new friends.”

Min says she enjoys seeing the children’s happy faces when they walk into Sabbath School. She has learned that even the smallest things make a big difference. “I learned that you don’t need to do something big or significant to serve others," she explains. "If everybody can do one small thing, like playing the piano in Sabbath School class once in a while, it will make a big impact on the little ones.”

“I don’t think I’m doing a lot for the church,” she adds, “but I was really touched when one of my teachers told me that the children in Sabbath School will always remember what I did for them when they were little.”

Min says, “All these things make me wonder what else I can do for this church.”

Carol Zhu Min, senior elementary education major and children’s Sabbath School assistant