Fuchsia Dulan

Name: Fuchsia Campbell Dulan

Birthplace: Savanna-la-Mar, Jamaica

Home: Kent, Washington

Parents: Father, Headley, psychiatric nurse. Mother, Cynthia, retired elementary school teacher.

High School: Crescent Heights High School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Graduated in 1989.

College: Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. Graduated in 1993 with a degree in public relations.

“Adventist education taught me how to incorporate God into all areas of my life: education/career, social/physical, and spiritual. God desires to permeate all areas of our lives so no matter what I am doing, I strive to keep in contact with Him.”

Graduate School: University of Minnesota Law School. Graduated in 1996.

Occupation: Fuchsia is a lawyer and a real estate agent. She works for the Washington State Bar Association Office of Disciplinary Counsel. When the Bar Association receives a grievance against a lawyer, she investigates the grievance, decides if discipline is warranted, and, if so, prosecutes the case. She is also part of a real estate team with her sister-in-law, Camilla Campbell. They work with a Prudential Real Estate office and represent buyers and sellers in the greater Seattle metropolitan area.

Mentors: Her parents have always supported her and encouraged her to have a personal relationship with Christ. “Knowing that my parents pray for me daily gives me extra strength to face the trials of life. Growing up, my parents explained to me and my brothers (Kirk and Fritz) that being a Christian doesn’t mean God will spare you from trials, but that when you face trials, God will always be with you.”

Spouse: Stephen Dulan.

Married: July 5, 1998. They met at the Sharon Adventist Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, while Stephen was visiting his mother and Fuchsia was attending graduate school.

Hobbies: Fuchsia enjoys the winter sports of cross country skiing and snow shoeing. She loves to read, sell houses and be involved in community service projects.

Church Membership and Offices: Stephen and Fuchsia are members of the Breath of Life Church in West Seattle. Fuchsia is director of hospitality and helps teach Sabbath School in the Primary division. She wants to cultivate the idea of not only going to church together but socializing together as well.

Christian Mission: Fuchsia has always had teachers, including her Sabbath School teachers, who believed that with God’s help she could succeed. It is her mission to foster and encourage other Christian relationships. “I want to encourage everyone I come in contact with to have a personal relationship with Christ so that together we can encourage each other and those around us.”

February 01, 2007 / Feature