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Relational Factors Connect to Achievement

As researchers continue to assess relational and environmental factors connected to achievement, they have been interested in several preliminary findings.

Students exhibit superior achievement when:

They attend an Adventist school for multiple years.

They have a healthy diet and get adequate sleep.

They do not spend a lot of time participating in sports.

They have a lot of interaction with their parents.

There are many good books and magazines in their home.

Their parents control time and content of television watching and Internet use.

Their parents are involved in school activities.

The church and pastor support the school.

Further information on the CognitiveGenesis study is available at www.cognitivegenesis.org.

Material adapted from Kido, Cruise and Thayer, "A Mid-Point Update on CognitiveGenesis,"Journal of Adventist Education, Dec 2008/Jan 2009, 10.

July 01, 2009 / Feature