Feature Blurbs

Minnie Hurd, founding member of the Shiloh Church, took care of foster children, one of whom was Jimi Hendrix, the famed rock guitarist.

Fred and Minnie Hurd's adopted daughter, Freddie Mae Hurd Gautier, became a well-known civil rights advocate who personally knew national leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy and Jessie Jackson.

Ben McAdoo, Shiloh Church charter member, became the first African American to maintain an architectural practice in the state of Washington, designing about 20 Northwest Adventist churches. He also served as president of the Seattle chapter of NAACP.

Shannon and Robert Goodwin's family continue to be active in Portland area churches, including Pattric Goodwin Parris, who serves as administrative assistant to the NPUC vice president for regional affairs, Alphonso McCarthy.

Upon beginning ministry in Seattle, J. H. Laurance had already finished 51 years of pastoral ministry. He pastored the Spruce Street Church for another 11 years, started an elementary school and added 176 members to the church. He lived to be 102.

February 01, 2009 / Feature