Elements of Caring

October 01, 2002 | Donald Ammon

When it comes to community service, there is no simple solutionæno pink pill that’s going to make poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and disease disappear. But by taking a unique approach to each challenge, Adventist Health is making a lot of small strides that we hope will add up to a giant step forward for our neighbors.

Much like the earth we all share, our communities are made up of many elementsæeach with special needs. For instance, kids often must cope with painful diseases long before they learn to read. Teens are faced with the challenge of choosing a career at a time when choosing the right friends is tough enough. Women struggle to fend off breast cancer and osteoporosis. And for seniors, it’s all about preventing heart disease and stroke.

In response, we have created solutions as unique as the problems presented. On the pages that follow, you will read about a mentoring program that exposes teens to a host of health care careers. A health fair designed for totsæand their teddy bears. Full-service retirement centers in Portland, Ore., and Walla Walla, Wash. And new medical technology that’s delivering even better results for those we serve. You will also discover that in keeping with our mission, we comforted the grieving, fed the hungry, and taught people how to live healthier lives all along the way.

For those who are interested in how these services translate to dollars, our 20 hospitals put more than $1 billion back into our communities last year. Of that, more than $430 million was directed to the poor, while another $640 million benefited the broader community.

Because we’re sure that youælike usæcare more about the “what” than the “how much,” I invite you to read on to find out more about our many elements of service. •

Fast Facts about Adventist Health

Headquartered in Roseville, Calif.

20 hospitals in California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington

17 home care agencies offering home health, hospice, personal care, medical equipment, and infusion therapy services

More than 17,200 employees

More than 3,100 beds

115,453 admissions

396,765 emergency room visits

1,758,573 outpatient visits

245,773 home care visits

828 hospice patients

For more about the organization, visit www.adventisthealth.org