Don Keele Awards

Don Keele was the consummate educator and administrator. He led with vision and by example. When he succumbed to a bout with cancer in 1996, the North Pacific Union Conference received significant memorial funds in order to benefit elementary and secondary education goals.

Upon the recommendation of educational administrators, and with the approval of the Keele family, the NPUC K–12 Board of Education established the Don Keele Excellence in Education Award. Special donations from private individuals and other appropriations have been added to continue the financing of these awards, which have now benefited Northwest teachers for the past decade.

These awards are given based on the merit of applications made by the teachers themselves. They apply for funding in order to gain experience or resources that will raise the level of their programs in ways that directly benefit their students.

In this 10th year of the Don Keele Award presentations, the GLEANER provides this overview of those who have won the award throughout the past decade and offers just a few vignettes that illustrate the energy and passion these educators bring to Northwest Adventist classrooms.

These teachers are symbolic of the many unsung heroes throughout our schools who minister everyday to our children and youth. They set the pace, raise the vision and prayerfully partner with God in transitioning boys and girls into young men and women of faith. They deserve our thanks, our collaborative support and our daily prayers.

July 01, 2008 / Feature