Department Report

Fast Facts

There are over 53 network servers within the NPUC. NPUC IT manages 38 of those and assists in more than 10 others.

There are more than 220 client systems in five of the seven administrative office throughout the NPUC.

Number of managed network devices (Ethernet switches, firewalls or Wi-Fi controllers): 50.


Technology is vital to the work of reaching people for God's kingdom. The NPUC information technology department, provides technology engineering, management and support services to Northwest conference offices. It seeks to raise the technological bar for Adventist schools and churches.


To empower and facilitate advancement for the cause of Christ.

What's Been Accomplished

Improved Internet Connectivity — Worked toward providing all offices with 3Mbps or better Internet connectivity.

Engineering and Support Services — Designed and set up new network (wired and wireless) for improved infrastructure and security. Installed new servers using virtual technologies to decrease power and cooling requirements and installed new client systems throughout the union.

Software Upgrades — Deployed and maintained new accounting and payroll software and upgraded trust management software and operating systems for Northwest conferences.

Ongoing Support — Provided up to 100 percent of the technological needs for Alaska, Montana and Washington conferences and additional consultation for Oregon and Upper Columbia conferences.

The Challenges Ahead

Cloud Services — Public clouds, private clouds, mixed clouds, they all have their place and we'll be implementing them prudently.

Training — We will help provide access to training so Northwest church workers stay up-to-date with current technology.

Security — We will seek to stay ahead of cyberspace threats from around the world, to enable our church's mission to move forward.

Expanded Services — In partnership with our conferences, we plan to offer additional cost-effective technical services for our schools and local church audio-visual teams.

September 01, 2011 / Feature