Department Report

Fast Facts

More than 2 million pages are printed each month to provide the GLEANER to Northwest Adventist homes.

The GleanerNOW! e-newsletter is sent out each week as a free service to those who subscribe online.

Adventist media touches more than 150,000 listeners/viewers each week in the Northwest.


North Pacific Union Conference communication personnel are focused partners with local conference colleagues in "telling the story" of Northwest Adventists in Action to members and the public through print, broadcast, video and social media technology.


To provide inspiration and resources to foster a sense of Northwest church community and support conferences in helping each member share the Adventist message and mission.

What's been Accomplished

Websites — The GLEANER site has pioneered regularly updated news, articles and opportunities for Northwest member interaction.

Media Support — Produced and facilitated distribution of evangelistic videos from nearly 10 series held within the Northwest.

Expanded Information — During the 2010 General Conference session, the GleanerNOW! e-newsletter was sent out each day with Northwest reports — the only union-level service of that frequency in the North American Division.

Central Information Source — The NPUC and GLEANER websites have provided a common point for immediate information — to the farthest reaches of Alaska or Montana, and around the world.

The Challenges Ahead

Member Survey — We must evaluate how the GLEANER and other communication resources can remain responsive to Northwest Adventists of differing ages, using a growing list of new technologies.

Website Updates — The NPUC and GLEANER websites must be updated to remain on the cutting edge of effective online communication and 24/7 mobile access technology.

Public Awareness — We plan to support each local conference in reaching their Northwest communities with an effective use of public awareness.

September 01, 2011 / Feature