Department Report

Fast Facts

In the Northwest there are about 13 million people and 97,133 Seventh-day Adventists, a ratio of 1:134.

There are 398 pastors in the NPUC to assist members in carrying out their mission.

The Northwest, considered to be the most secular area in the U.S., offers the greatest opportunity for reaching people with the gospel.


The North Pacific Union Conference believes in the priesthood of all the believers and that the core of the Adventist mission is at each local church. The ministerial department exists to encourage and support the local conferences and members in advancing the Adventist mission throughout the Northwest.


The NPUC ministerial department is committed to supporting our local conferences to take the Adventist message to everyone living in the Northwest and beyond.

NPUC Evangelistic Teams

Richard and Mary Halversen

Brian and Heidi McMahon

Ramón J. Canals

Jac and 'dena Colon

Lyle and Peggy Albrecht

What's Been Accomplished

Ongoing Training — Provided important information and training through on-site workshops in each conference and through monthly e-newsletters.

Global Mission — Organized annual mission opportunities for pastors and members to participate in evangelism in diverse places such as the Philippines, India, Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Peru.

Local Evangelism — NPUC Evangelists have assisted with more than 100 major reaping meetings in response to conference requests.

Soul Winning — Pastors and many lay leaders have been trained to implement a regular harvest cycle in their congregations.

Leadership Development — Hosted on-site seminars in each conference, 20 Andrews University Seminary extension classes, and the annual Ministerial Network Retreat.

The Challenges Ahead

NPUC for Christ Initiatives — The North Pacific Union Conference will focus its ministerial resource priorities in support of local conference efforts using the acronym T.R.I.M.:

Targeting large metropolitan areas with the gospel of Jesus;

Reviving and transforming Adventist members and churches;

Involving young people in the Adventist mission;

Maximizing media in connecting the Adventist mission with the public.

September 01, 2011 / Feature