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The University of Idaho professor was running out of options. He came to Community Health Care after suffering four heart attacks, undergoing quadruple bypass surgery, and after finally firing his other doctors. “I just decided there had to be something missing,” he recalls. “I’d done the exercise, followed the diet and taken the medications, but it was all to no avail.”

During the get-acquainted session on his first visit to the clinic, Robert Spady, M.D., said something that would change the professor’s life. “He asked me how my spirituality was,” he recalls, “and suggested a course of treatment that addressed my needs as a whole person.” Though the professor had never considered his spiritual needs and was reluctant at first to make changes, he finally joined a study group and tried a vegetarian diet.

“My health today is better than it has been in years,” the professor reports. “Combining spirituality with excellent medical care makes sense, and it feels good to have other people praying for your success.”

“We’re not here to force people into a religious mold, but to help direct our patients to the core issues that relate to health,” says Spady. “And this is a great example of someone who saw incredible results.”

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May 01, 2005 / Feature