More than 2 million pages are printed each month to provide the GLEANER to Northwest Adventist homes.

The NPUC and GLEANER Web sites received more than 100,000 visits last year.

Adventist media touches more than 100,000 listeners/viewers each week in the Northwest.

North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) communication personnel have a combined total of 100 years of experience in “telling the story” in print or audiovisual media, yet this department has also proved to be a denominational leader in innovative communication. It specializes in connecting Northwest church members and leaders as well as the public with the Adventist mission through print, broadcast, Internet and video technology,

To provide inspiration and resources to assist our conferences and members in sharing the Adventist message.

GLEANER Web site—Developed a Web site that is more than just a copy of what is printed. The GLEANER Web site now features regularly updated news, articles and opportunities for reader response.

Community Connection—Aired the monthly Issues & Interviews radio program hosted by NPUC president, Jere Patzer, which reaches all of the major metro areas throughout the Northwest and beyond.

Expanded Information—Through a partnership with the Pacific Press Publishing Association, expanded the GLEANER to an average of 52 pages per issue, with additional information and features. In addition, the Northwest Spotlight on Mission has become a regular feature in many churches.

Central Information Source—The NPUC and GLEANER Web sites provide a common point for immediate information—to the farthest reaches of Alaska or Montana, or even around the world.

Local News—Each print and online GLEANER is full of information that has come directly from members and conferences and is meant as a resource for other members.

Northwest Spotlight—Each church receives a quarterly Northwest Spotlight on Mission DVD, which shares testimonials and stories about how God is working in the lives of Northwest Adventists

Member Survey—We must constantly measure how the GLEANER and other communication resources should adjust to remain responsive to Northwest Adventists of differing ages.

Public Awareness—We plan to help each Northwest Adventist church develop a quality Internet presence as a community and evangelistic outreach tool, and produce radio spot resources to increasingly connect the public with the Adventist church and its mission.

Community Connections—Through radio and Internet technology, we will seek to establish a 24/7 presence in the major metro areas of the Northwest.

August 01, 2006 / Feature