Caring Heart Award Winners for 2008

July 01, 2008 | Linda Shaver

Fifteen Northwest academy students received the 2008 Caring Heart Award made possible through funding from a private foundation and the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Students were selected by their schools for exemplifying the spirit of the Caring Heart—a willingness to serve others. Each received a plaque, an engraved Bible and a $500 scholarship, to use toward tuition at an Adventist school or on a short-term mission trip.

Zach Gately from Auburn Adventist Academy is well known for his considerate and warm-hearted way with people. He has worked as an R.A., volunteered for community outreach, led out in Bible studies, spent vacations on mission trips, served as the Casa Loma boys' club president, and been an active participant in the Student/Faculty Council in addition to assisting students with studies. He has a willing spirit and genuine Christ-like character. The son of Stewart and Joan Gately, Zach plans to attend Southern Adventist University after graduation.

Samantha Hamilton and Heidi Schosnig were both selected to receive Caring Heart awards at Portland Adventist Academy. For their senior project, Samantha and Heidi coordinated with Providence Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, and raised $16,000 for children's cancer research at Emmanuel Children's Hospital. They learned how to do nonprofit fund raising and presented Providence with the money last December. They say this experience has changed their lives forever and still volunteer time each week at the children's cancer ward. Both Samantha and Heidi have exhibited initiative and responsibility, representing well PAA's "Christ-Centered-Character-Driven" motto. Samantha is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Linden Hamilton and Heidi is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Schosnig.

Megan Henderson attends Columbia Adventist Academy. She is an outgoing, compassionate and caring young lady. She is involved in numerous campus activities such as music, sports and outreach. She makes time to minister to students and staff alike. She is recognized for her ability to come to the aid of fellow students and faculty at a moment's notice and with a willing spirit and attitude to serve. Daughter of David and Ada Henderson, Megan plans to attend Chico State University and major in kinesiology as preparation for a degree in physical therapy.

Robert Hogan is the type of young man who looks after other people. He willingly helps whenever asked and often volunteers to assist. At the Walla Walla University Church, he works with High-5, a group for junior high students, and serves as a deacon. He participates in singing groups and visits area senior care centers. While at Walla Walla Valley Academy, he led out in a daily prayer band for the senior class after chapel. He plans to attend Walla Walla University, majoring in physical education and biology.

Kelli Jacobs graduated from Skagit Adventist Academy. She was selected for this award because of her enthusiasm and interest in mission trips and community service projects. She has been involved in the Mexico, Katrina Relief and Thailand mission trips as well as community service projects in Chehalis, Washington. Daughter of Vicki Jacobs, she plans to attend Walla Walla University.

Heidi Larsen is from Cascade Christian Academy. She has been on many mission trips and, if the opportunity is available, both her and her guitar will be part of it. She is involved with the school praise band and youth group. She attends Bible conferences and youth rallies whenever she can. She leads out in praise music, such as at the fall retreat at CCA. She is a kind-hearted individual and always looks for the good in everyone. She is the daughter of Jack and Shauna Larsen.

Luis Quintero is a leader in the youth praise team that conducts weekly chapel at Livingstone Adventist Academy. Additionally, he conducted a week of prayer at another school and shared his testimony at various churches involving how he was instrumental in bringing his parents into the church. He is the class pastor at LAA as well as a youth leader in his church. He is the son of Jose and Celestina Quintero.

Kyle Perrin is a warm wind to all who come into his presence at Milo Adventist Academy. He makes it a point to notice, affirm and give his time and attention to those around him who go unnoticed. He does what he can to help them feel significant and worthwhile. Son of Ralph and Patti Perrin, Kyle plans to attend Walla Walla University to study mechanical engineering.

Thane Sweet possesses a wonderful wholesome attitude for service to others at Orcas Christian School. Thane is always one to encourage other students to pursue positive ways to solve challenges in academic and social situations. Thane has participated in all of his school's mission trips. Son of Leonard and Elizabeth Sweet, he looks forward to attending college.

Joe Tua has been an inspiration to the guys in his dormitory hall at Upper Columbia Academy. As a leader, he prays with them at least once a week and strives to pray daily with them. His hall is known for the highest participation and cleanliness. He helps the guys realize their potential and encourages them to step up. He is seen encouraging fellow students between classes and while in the dorm. Son of Lualima Mataafa, he plans to attend Walla Walla University to study theology.

Braden Way is a spiritual leader both at his home church and at Gem State Academy. He has been involved in numerous service projects and outreach activities. He has provided worship services for churches in the Idaho Conference. In February he accomplished a personal goal of developing and presenting a weeklong series of meetings focused on putting on the whole armor of God. Son of Roy and Heather Way, he plans to attend both Walla Walla University and Loma Linda University to pursue a degree in physical therapy.

Alden Weaver has provided thought-provoking worship talks as both the ASB chaplain at Mt. Ellis Academy this past year and as student speaker for week of prayer the last two years. Alden focuses on helping and putting others first. His favorite activity is going on mission trips to different countries and helping build classrooms and summer camps. Son of Gerald and Shelley Weaver, he is undecided on his future plans, but looks forward to working for God, in whatever career field.

Chelsea Wold has participated in many mission trips, including India and Mexico. As part of the drama group, she visits public schools to talk about teen issues. She invests many hours with elementary students assisting them in baptismal classes. She is always willing to help support her classmates and works to make new students feel welcome. Daughter of Troy Wold and Donna Torres, she has been a wonderful blessing to the Rogue Valley Adventist School.

Armando Zarabia was chosen by Puget Sound Adventist Academy for his positive attitude and for encouraging others to be accepting of all. He was a leader on the school's Dominican Republic mission trip last year. On the trip, he could always be found laying blocks during the day and leading out in Vacation Bible School in the evening. When the school plans community service days, he is the first to sign up and works hard on the site. He has helped build a spiritual atmosphere on the PSAA campus. Son of Armando and Carmen Zarabia, he plans to attend Walla Walla University to study aviation.