Caring Heart Award

Christian service is central to both the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church and the educational goals of its schools. It is imperative to teach and encourage young people to be actively involved in witnessing and service activities. The annual "Caring Heart Award" was created to assist in recognizing and rewarding outstanding student achievement in the area of Christian service. Funded by the North American Division and private funding, each award recipient receives a $500 scholarship, which may be used toward tuition at an Adventist school or on a short-term mission trip.

Vishesh Narula has touched many lives during his four years at Auburn Adventist Academy. He came from his home in Thailand to Auburn and is described by others as always upbeat and positive, caring, compassionate and willing to help others. He has been on two mission trips to hurricane-damaged Mississippi as well as a trip to Africa. A strong spiritual leader, he is the resident assistant in the dorm who is genuinely concerned for the guys and takes time to pray with them. He has also served as president of the boys' club Casa Loma. His parents are Stinder and Archhajeet Narula. He plans to attend a four-year college.

Elena Cunningham, of Cascade Christian Academy, is an active Christian who has been on several mission trips with her church. She is outspoken about her relationship with Jesus and is not ashamed of the gospel. She is a leader in her class and participates in all activities with passion. Her parents are Dr. Ian Cunningham and Dr. Gillian Shaw. She plans to attend George Fox University or Walla Walla College, then medical school.

Nickele Prahl quietly exhibits care and concern for her fellow classmates and underclassmen. A graduate of Columbia Adventist Academy and daughter of Randy and Peggy Prahl, she is a positive role model for others. She is quick to offer a word of encouragement, a smile, a hug, or a prayer when she sees someone in need, even if that someone is a faculty member. Nickele has been involved in student leadership, sports, music, outreach, and numerous mission trips to Mexico and Appalachia. She has also been an outdoor school counselor, Week of Prayer speaker, helped with CAA Praise, and is a valued employee working at International Children's Care. She plans to attend Walla Walla College and is considering a major in a health-related field.

Jamie Troutfetter participated in "Missiontripissippi," a Katrina disaster relief, and two years later planned and organized "Missiontripissippi 2." During her years at Gem State Adventist Academy she represented the United States as a "People to People Student Ambassador" in Europe, was involved in numerous outreach and community services activities such as coat drives, nursing home visits, student association Christmas parties for underprivileged children, and helped with community/park service clean-up projects and park "CapriSun" outreach. She is the daughter of Jim and Karen Troutfetter and plans to attend Walla Walla College with a career goal of dental hygiene.

Megan Morton will be a senior at Livingstone Adventist Academy. She is a witness to others, the community and the world. She has been on several mission trips, as far away as Africa. Very active in her church, Megan is a positive Christian example and has held several school offices, including junior class president. Her parents are Guy and Laura Young. She plans to attend Walla Walla College to study nursing.

Kayla Hart is a graduate from Milo Adventist Academy and daughter of Ron and Marketa Hart. As head resident assistant she leads out in personal Bible studies with fellow students in the dormitory. Additionally, she is the junior Sabbath School leader, girls' club president, and has been involved in a mission trip to Mexico. She is leaning toward attending Walla Walla College and majoring in elementary education.

Garrison SinClair has been a helping-hand student since his freshman year at Mt. Ellis Academy. Ask for his help with things such as moving, snow shoveling, lifting heavy items, and he is there with a "Caring Heart." He has been an exemplary worker on building projects during mission trips. He has run the PA booth for the church, been a deacon, and continues to be a great example of Christianity at work. Son of Ralph and Kristy SinClair, Garrison plans to attend Walla Walla College, majoring in aviation technology.

Jennika Hanson is a creative, original thinker at Portland Adventist Academy. Her greatest talent and personal commitment is to local and worldwide community service, which has reached Fiji, Peru, Honduras, Ethiopia and Costa Rica. Her family adopted a child from Fiji, and Jennika feels that this changed their lives forever and gave them a passion for others. Last spring break she organized a group and conducted medical work in a small jungle village in Peru. She also organized and led a rummage sale at the academy and raised more than $1,100 for orphans of Ethiopia. Daughter of Scott and Merylin Hanson, she plans to major in education at Walla Walla College.

Tia Jones, graduate of Puget Sound Adventist Academy, is the daughter of Derrell and Terri Jones. She is known for her contagious smile and giving spirit. She recently went on a Dominican Republic mission trip and helped with both the building project and Vacation Bible School. She daily helps the kindergarten teacher and faithfully watches the students for before- and after-school care. She is also involved with several programs at her church. Tia plans to attend a community college for massage school and continue to be involved in the church.

Nolan Kinne, son of Jeffrey and Wafia Kinne, plans to attend Walla Walla College in the fall. His positive attitude and willingness to help is evident through his involvement in leadership roles and spiritual activities at Upper Columbia Academy. He has been a student body chaplain, helped to organize a Katrina benefit, been a speaker for student Week of Prayer, and been involved in a student-led evangelistic series. He uses his musical gifts on the violin and guitar for spiritual gain instead of personal recognition.

Donald Corson attends Walla Walla Valley Academy. He is a conscientious student who is loyal to his principles. An industrious and honest worker, he is also dedicated to helping others and actively gives Bible studies at the academy. Son of Alvin and Ruth Corson, he plans to attend Walla Walla College where he intends to major in theology and become a pastor.

July 01, 2007 / Feature