Black, Professional, Committed

In celebration of Black History month, we are featuring seven Seventh-day Adventist members from a variety of professions who have graduated from Adventist colleges and universities. They have found employment in various sectors of society and are living out the tenets of their faith on the job.

This talented group are positive role models and mentors for a younger generation of African Americans. As mentors, they are able to make positive statements to the young people of our churches, to let them know it is possible to pursue their dreams and careers and still be active members of the Adventist church.

The foundation they are building will seek to inspire a greater number of our young people to stay in the church and use their talents and gifts for the glory of God and humanity.

In the following pages, they will share their passion for life, excellence, education and their church. As you read, I hope that the commitment of these men and women—who are found on Sabbath mornings and even during the week leading out in the activities of their home church—will become evident.

February 01, 2007 / Feature