Every year Andy and Dorothy Kabanuk celebrate both their anniversary and Dorothy’s birthday together because they are only two days apart.

This year, 23 family and friends met in the party room of the Pacific Express Restaurant in Walla Walla, Wash., to enjoy wonderful vegetarian Chinese food and great fellowship on May 31, 2017.

May 29 was the couple's 68th wedding anniversary, and May 31 was Dorothy’s 90th birthday. Their son, Greg, played and sang the song he wrote for Dorothy’s 80th. The song of four verses was made up of Greg’s memories of his mother while he was growing up and was simply entitled “Mamma.” Needless to say, the song is very special to Dorothy, and the guests loved it. Everything was beautifully decorated, and plenty of good food was enjoyed by all.

Andy was employed at the United Medical Laboratories located in Portland, Ore., where he worked to help establish the different departments. He eventually received specialized education and established the cytology department. This is where people use the microscope while looking for abnormal cells such as cancer. He was the supervisor of 100-plus people in that department for 10 years.

The Kabanuks then moved to College Place, Wash., where they had two children: Cindy, who attended Walla Walla Valley Academy, and Greg, who attended Walla Walla College. Dorothy was so happy also, considering that she was born west of Freewater (in a house that is still there) surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins, plus her seven siblings, parents and grandmother who lived with them. The 20 years of big city life were over, and once again the Kabanuks enjoyed God’s country surrounded by the beautiful Blue Mountains that change colors with the seasons and the wonderful fruit and vegetables enjoyed by all — plus a much slower pace.

Andy continued working in his field for several doctors for another 20 years before he retired.

The Kabanuks continue to live in their comfortable home, blessed with the Stone Creek that runs along their back patio, which is enjoyed by many ducks as well. This is where the Kabanuks sit and read. They also enjoy the many flowers nearby and still have a garden. Andy turned 95 in August, and they praise God for the many blessings He provides for them every day.

June 22, 2017