Evelyn Emerson, a member of the Billings (Mont.) Church since 1949, celebrated her 90th birthday at a brunch with her four daughters and their families.

Evelyn Poole was born April 21, 1925, on a homestead near Roundup, Mont., and has lived in Montana most of her life.

After living in Billings for 52 years, where she had been a teacher and foster parent for children with special needs, she moved near Red Lodge to open a quilt shop with her daughter.

Through God’s grace Evelyn lives alone, drives herself to seniors group and walks on a treadmill. She sews on quilts daily, enjoys birds at her feeders and leads an adult Sabbath School class each week.

Evelyn is an avid reader, is reading the Bible through again and attends retired teachers' meetings. She enjoys writing family stories for her Christmas letter.

She says the secret of longevity is found in Prov. 3:1–2.

April 06, 2016