Germany Tour in 2020 to Attend the Oberammergau Passion Play

If you have always wanted to attend the Oberammergau Passion Play that takes place just once a decade in the year that ends in zero, here is your opportunity. 

In order to get tickets it is necessary to reserve now and to sign a contract with Gate 1 Travel. The segment of the tour with Gate 1 includes the play and is July 11–July 19, 2020.

You may choose to do only that segment of the tour or you may choose to do one of the two optional extensions available. The first option is to fly overnight on July 9 and arrive In Berlin on July 10 with two extra days to tour Berlin including the opportunity to worship with members in a local Adventist church before connecting with our Gate 1 host on Sunday, July 12. The second optional extension is to fly overnight on July 5 to Frankfurt with the opportunity to tour Frankfurt, Wurzburg and Rothenberg before traveling to Berlin to tour for two days before meeting the Gate 1 host.

For more information, please email Sharon Searson at