Transformed for Ministry Sabbaths

As part of our commitment to equipping our members to be active in ministry in their local churches, the Idaho Conference announces the biennial Transformed for Ministry Sabbaths for 2017. Conference leadership, in conjunction with some pastors and lay members, are presenting workshops on various areas of ministry and leadership.

The Meridian location will also feature Spanish language workshops.

The following is a list of presenters and titles/topics. More information will be available at

  • David Prest Jr.: Toward Understanding Millennials;
  • John Rogers: for Treasurers;
  • Pat Frey: From Pits to Praise – Making Adult Sabbath School Lessons Come Alive;
  • Eve Rusk: Remodeling the Church – from Gas Station to Post Office;
  • Cheri Gatton: Embrace Abundant Life! (Women’s Ministries);
  • Hudson Logan and Karen Pearson: Follow “The Desire” – Establishing a Prayer Ministry that Works;
  • Michael Pearson: Accepting His Presence;
  • Jason Williams: Disciples Making Disciples;
  • Wendy Williams: Help! I’ve been asked to teach! – Raising Young Disciples Who Love Jesus and His Church;
  • Francisco Altamirano and Gerald Margil (Pocatello and Meridian): El Manual de la Iglesia – ¿Por qué y para qué?.