The Great Health Controversy Weekend Seminar

You are invited to attend The Great Health Controversy Weekend seminar presented by Rico Hill.

What is Man? The Principle of Love in the Great Health Controversy

Friday at 7 p.m.

Objective — Establish The Principle of Health through the Creation of Man. This presentation shows the value that God placed on man at his creation. It is demonstrated how God’s love is found in every organ and system of the human body, even down to the cellular level. 

10 Steps Ahead, The Evidence in the Controversy

Sabbath at 9:45 a.m.

Objective — Establish the Urgency of Healthful Living. There is a controversy today as to whom we should to believe — Scientist or God? In a world of ever-changing fad diets, health tips and growing skepticism, this presentation will show clearly that God has always been ahead of the curve. How far ahead of science has God been? One quickly discovers that He has been at least 10 steps ahead. 

He’s on His way to Your House — God’s Presence in the Health Controversy

Sabbath at 11 a.m.

It’s always interesting to hear Bible stories of how God helped people throughout history. But many are asking where is God today? Where is He when I get sick; face bankruptcy; am stressed out; struggle with addiction; or lose a loved one? This presentation will pull the curtain back to show that Jesus is present in every crisis and even now is on His way to your house. 

The Food Trap — Food History in the Health Controversy

 Sabbath at 3 p.m.

This presentation continues to echo the theme of how food has been used as a trap by the enemy. But it goes a step further and shows how food dramatically began to change in the late 1700s, the prophetic time of the end. This groundbreaking presentation shows that over the last two centuries something is happening that is setting a food trap for mankind. It’s so insidious that God has manifested His love in clear warnings that all need to hear. 

Nature’s Farmacy — God’s Solutions for the Health Controversy

Sunday at 4 p.m.

Our Great Health Controversy Seminar concludes with a finale that is part slide-show presentation and part hands-on natural remedies and cooking demonstration. Audiences typically want to know “what must I do”? They are not left without answers as we offer simple solutions from the garden and the kitchen, with a generous sprinkling from the word of God. 

For more information about the seminar, call 503-893-9022.

Bio for Rico Hill

Since Net ’96 with Mark Finley, where Elder Rico Hill gave his heart to Jesus, he has been busy for the Lord. As an executive in the entertainment industry, Hill had progressed from writing movie scripts and producing TV programs for children through Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Network to being Vice President of Programming at Turner Broadcasting. He left a successful secular career behind to answer the Lord’s call. While in Los Angeles working in television, he became active in almost every aspect of Adventist church life: door-to-door ministry, street ministry, health and temperance, church elder and young adult ministry. Now a health evangelist, author and host of Dare to Dream network’s From Sickness to Health, Hill travels the nation, sharing the gospel, an emphasis on hope, health and healing. As speaker/director of Beehive Ministry, he is training churches and working with other medical missionaries to finish the work in the cities. Hill’s teaching method is simple: Exalt the lovely Jesus through His word, so that He may be seen, heard, understood and appreciated.