Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy in Eagle, Idaho

First night (May 9) Starting time 7:30 pm Each night thereafter there will be 2 meetings 5:45 pm will be a repeat of the previous nights presentation and 7:30 will be a new presentation. There will be a light meal between the meetings. Child care will be provided.

“Islam and Christianity” will help attendees understand a remarkable Bible prophecy in Daniel 11 and 12. This prophecy starts in Daniel’s time and chronologically unfolds through the time of Christ, extending through our time and on to the end of the millennium. This prophecy includes a future major conflict between Islam and Christianity.

Tim Roosenberg is an author and Prophecy Seminar presenter. Pastor Roosenberg has studied prophecy for over 25 years and has discovered that following the interpretation methods of the early church and the reformers results in the most reliable and logical understanding of Bible prophecy.

Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to understand Bible prophecy and current events more clearly than ever before and face the future with confidence and peace.

For more information call: (208) 939-6625