Peace Child From Heaven

December 29, 2015 / Martin Weber

Home for Christmas is a cherished family tradition. Yet some Northwest Adventists find themselves far away from loved ones this holiday season. Servicemen and servicewomen of the armed forces are keeping the peace in faraway places. Student missionaries from Walla Walla University are scattered around the world, homesick perhaps yet dedicated to their post of duty.

Don and Carol Richardson were Baptist missionaries to the Sawi islanders of what is now Papua New Guinea. They had a lonely and dangerous assignment. The natives had a rude habit of murdering visitors.

Thanksgiving for Jesus in the Psalms

November 26, 2015 / Martin Weber

Above all the blessings for which we may praise God this Thanksgiving season is the gift of Jesus Himself. Although we can’t see Him (yet), we find Him everywhere in Scripture, including the beloved Psalms. In fact, Jesus gave a Bible study about Himself that included the Psalms (see Luke 24:44).

In Psalm 119, the longest chapter of the Bible, we see Jesus in a new way when we insert His name everywhere it fits. Consider verse 105, for example:

The End of the Story, Part 1

November 21, 2015 / Seth Pierce

It is beyond the power of the human mind to estimate the evil, which has been wrought by the heresy of eternal torment. The appalling views of God have made thousands, yes, millions, of skeptics and infidels.[1]

The teaching of hell has the potential to scare people away from God; it’s a dangerous substance to handle, and people can burn themselves or the ones to whom God wants to reveal His love.


October 17, 2015 / Seth Pierce

This past summer my friend Christian gave unto me every writer’s dream — a crazy story. Not just a crazy story: a multilayered bonanza of bizarre bonkers so delightful my typing fingers tremble at the possibilities. It’s like when you attend a good buffet (Costco) and can’t make up your mind what to taste — there’s so much to sample. However, before I reveal this masterpiece … a bit of background.

Adventist Maverick: A Celebration of George Knight’s Contribution to Adventist Thought

October 14, 2015

Earlier this year George R. Knight was presented with a Festschrift, which is “a collection of articles by the colleagues, former students, etc. of a noted scholar, published in his or her honor,” as defined by Webster. This book, Adventist Maverick, celebrates Knight’s 38 years of teaching literally from Australia to Zimbabwe and the 41 books he has written. As stated in the book’s introduction, it is “a response of gratitude and recognition for [his] significant scholarly contribution” to the church.

Haunting Your Own House

October 10, 2015 / Seth Pierce

First, a disclaimer, acknowledging that many believers feel Christian writers shouldn’t speak of ghosts, or tell ghost stories, unless they are Holy Ghost stories — which happens be the intent of this article. Nevertheless, if this doesn’t work out, I will accept my due chastisement and write something about kittens next time; but for now, know that I have been haunting a property in the south of Bonney Lake, Wash., for several months now.

Appreciate the Pastor

October 07, 2015 / Martin Weber

When the elders hid my Bible with its sermon notes, I should have known this Sabbath would be different. They didn’t want me to preach that day. What was happening? Pastoral Appreciation Sabbath.

Grateful church members across America among many denominations set aside the month of October to honor their pastors. So it was for me that memorable Sabbath in 1997 with New Hope Church in Maryland. Our elders wanted my sermon time for themselves, taking turns sharing their testimony of what they had learned from my sermons that year. How affirming!


September 09, 2015 / Seth Pierce

I arrived a day later than I was scheduled for a book signing at the ABC booth during the NAD Pastoral Convention in Austin, Texas, this summer. For the uninitiated, the ABC is the Adventist Book Center — seller of my literary works. NAD stands for North American Division, as in the more than 5,000 pastoral families working in North America I hoped would buy multiple copies of my new book, Life of Ellen White for Teens.  

Assessing the Session

September 01, 2015 / Martin Weber

Delegates to the 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, in July elected a global leadership team, updated church policies and clarified doctrinal statements. In the minds of many, though, the main agenda item was ordination of women pastors — specifically, whether to empower the 13 divisions of the world field to determine what is best for their own territories. What if some divisions then ordained women and others didn’t — would that sacrifice global church unity?