If you Think the World Revolves Around You . . .

December 01, 2004 / Karl Haffner

They were often dubbed the Three Stooges. But if you talked to them, they would claim to be the Three Messiahs.

Leon, Joseph and Clyde were three psychiatric patients at a hospital in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Their clinical diagnosis was “psychotic delusional grandiose disorder.” Put more simply, each one thought of himself as God. Each one believed he was the central figure around whom the universe revolved.

One Tuesday in Tura

December 01, 2004 / Lary Brown

Last of two parts

We were four nights into our evangelistic meetings in Tura, a city of 60,000 in northeastern India, and things didn’t look too rosy. We had started with a good crowd on Friday evening, then watched attendance dwindle away noticeably. It appeared that there would be no guests left by the last evening. Our two small congregations back home had not planned for more than a year for this result.

A Distinctive Calling

October 01, 2004 / Jere Patzer

Seventh-day Adventist health care has been around for more than a century. What began as a humble sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, has expanded into a worldwide health system that has touched millions of lives around the globe. As vice chairman of Adventist Health’s board of directors, I have the privilege of seeing firsthand how our West Coast hospitals are fulfilling the health care vision of those who came before them.

$50,000 Worth of Integrity

October 01, 2004 / Karl Haffner

The headline could have proclaimed “Martha Stewart Becomes Pope,” and I would have been less shocked. I stared at the front page of the Seattle Times in disbelief.

“Snohomish, WA—Lisa Thorpe of Lynnwood passed the Good Samaritan test Sunday when she found $50,000 cash in a roadside ditch—and gave it to police.

“According to Snohomish County sheriff's spokesman Elliot Woodall: A Snohomish man, 65, withdrew the cash Saturday, planning to deposit it in another bank.

Gold Medal Faith

September 01, 2004 / Karl Haffner

Amid all the hoopla surrounding the Olympics, my mind drifts back to the last summer games. That’s when we witnessed what has been dubbed the single greatest upset in Olympic history. On September 27, 2000, 29-year-old Rulon Gardner, who grew up on a Wyoming dairy farm, walked into the Exhibition Hall in Sydney, Australia. That’s when the “Miracle on the Mat” happened—he pocketed a gold medal after defeating the world’s greatest wrestler of all time, Russian Alexander Karelin.

We Called Him Aufty

August 01, 2004 / Richard Dower

When my class of 1960 met at Auburn Adventist Academy for our 30-year reunion, we did all the regular reunion things while sharing our joys, tragedies and accomplishments. As it got later and later and my class members drifted away, there were only a few of us left, and we started reminiscing about Aufty.