Ruth Lenz

Palisades Christian Academy teacher

Spokane Central Receives Compassion Model Church Grant

Central Church in Spokane, Wash., received a check for $15,000 on Aug. 13 to encourage Discovery Junction to continue making a difference in the community.


Palisades Christian Academy Sends Students to the Dominican Republic

“I will never again doubt that I am very privileged,” says Abigail Pedersen, a student at Palisades Christian Academy (PCA) in Spokane, Wash.


Palisades Christian Academy Maranatha Mission to Panama

A group of 12 adults and 15 eighth- through 10th-graders from Palisades Christian Academy (PCA) left Spokane, Wash., on March 18 to travel to Portrerillo, Panama.


See What God Has Done

On Thursday, Sept.


Robotics Present a Challenge to SJA Students Tournament Winners Proceed to National Competition

LEGO Robotics was a new experience last fall at Spokane Junior Academy.