Nita Hinman

Yakima Church communication leader

Yakima Church Celebrates Faith of Pioneers

In the summer of 1894, Elder S.H. Kime and several assistants held tent meetings in North Yakima, Wash. After the North Yakima meetings in 1894, Robert S.


Journey to Bethlehem

"Best Christmas pageant I've ever seen;"

"Incredibly professional;"


Church Honors Veterans

The Yakima (Wash.) Church held a special service on Sabbath, Nov. 8, 2008, to honor veterans.


Yakima Teens Lead Meetings

A Moonwalker's Message; Memory Lapse and Monkey Business; Man of Mud and Metal—books from the bestseller list?


Yakima Food Bank Expands the Menu

Not only is the Yakima Adventist Food Bank known for providing the best quality food, but they are also becoming known for the spiritual food they offer.


Youthful Yakima Musicians Share Talents for God

A hush came over the Yakima Capitol Theater on April 29 as the Yakima Youth Symphony Orchestra began a concert.


Yakima Mission to Guatemala

"The girl I sent to Guatemala was not the same girl who came back." These were the words of the father of a non-Adventist girl when she returned from helping to build a c


Better Health in Yakima

If you were to drive into the Yakima Church parking lot on a Tuesday evening, you might have to swerve to miss the orange pylons and/or people walking.


Pathfinders Help With Operation Harvest

A couple of weeks prior to Oct. 15, 2005, signs started cropping up all over Yakima advertising Operation Harvest, an annual city-wide food drive.