Nickie Linder

Juneau Adventist School teacher

The Face of a Remote and Necessary School

Nearest Adventist School: Sitka, Alaska, 171.66 miles away, accessible by boat or airplane.


Juneau Responds to a Dry and Thirsty Land

This refrain haunts me as in my mind's eye I see a tall, slender black man, his eyes squinting against the African sun, feet dusty as he walks the roads to neighboring ho


Thanksgiving Miracle Blesses Juneau School

Every one-room teacher knows the challenges of fund raising, budgets, and stretching every dollar.


Uninvited Cyclist Enriches Classroom Lesson

Nickie Linder, Juneau Adventist Christian School teacher, found a surprise at school recently: Gary Findlay, world cyclist, was camped in a tent next to the door in the b


Ferry Cafeteria Becomes Music Hall

The students and teachers of the Sitka and Juneau schools embarked on a combined music performance and Native cultures trip to Ketchikan and Metlakatla April 18 through 2


Student Prayer Warriors

I’ve always known that our Lord loves to hear what our kids have to say. And He loves to watch as their faith grows from their conversations with Him!