Martin Weber

retired from denominational service, is a hospice chaplain.

Martin Weber, D.Min., served as pastor, editor, author, evangelist and police chaplain across North America and taught pastors on five continents with the General Conference Ministerial Association. In retirement he served as the Adventist product manager at Logos Bible Software, the world’s largest creator of digitized Christian content.

Why Children Leave the Church, Part 1

What shall it profit a pastor to save the whole city for Christ but lose his or her own children?


Sacred Ruts

During the good old days of the American pioneers, the Oregon Trail was the best route to the great Northwest. But not for long.


Confrontation or Collaboration?

Are other Christians our rivals or our friends? In relating to Baptists, Lutherans and Catholics, should we be confrontational or collaborative?


The Adventist Advantage

“Don’t curse the darkness; light a candle.”