Martin Weber

retired from denominational service, is a hospice chaplain.

Martin Weber, D.Min., served as pastor, editor, author, evangelist and police chaplain across North America and taught pastors on five continents with the General Conference Ministerial Association. In retirement he served as the Adventist product manager at Logos Bible Software, the world’s largest creator of digitized Christian content.

I Just Can't Forgive Myself

“Maybe God will forgive me for what I did, but I can’t seem to forgive myself.”


Time to Vote

This month, the brash and bruising presidential campaign finally ends and Americans will vote. Many find it difficult to choose.


Access to God's Presence

Come with me to the Oval Office, the most powerful place in the world. The year is 1962. Men in gray suits solemnly circulate around the room. Polite knocks at the door, and more enter.


When the Canaries Stop Singing

Before modern technology, coal miners placed canaries in cages throughout their subterranean tunnels as an early warning against the invasion of carbon monoxide.


Circus of Grace

Rule No. 1 for law enforcement chaplains is to never interfere with an arrest. But one time I did. It was before I knew better, predating my volunteer ministry as a chaplain.


Eight 'Secrets' to Health

During my first West Coast pastorate, my son came down with a stubborn rash. Perplexed, our family physician referred us to Sang Lee as as “the best allergist in Orange County.”


That's Grace

Out of breath and dripping with rain, I leaned on a back-alley dumpster as the man I just met in a bar aimed a heroin needle at his bulging vein.


He Saved Others ... And He Saved Me!

Millions of Christians celebrate our crucified and risen Lord on one particular weekend each year. The world with its Easter bunnies considers this strange. Foolish, actually.


A SWOT Analysis from Jesus

A time-tested evaluation tool for corporations and other secular institutions is the SWOT analysis.


Adventists: Sheep or Goats?

Seventh-day Adventism parachuted onto the public square through the presidential campaign of Benjamin Carson.