Martin Weber

retired from denominational service, is a hospice chaplain.

Martin Weber, D.Min., served as pastor, editor, author, evangelist and police chaplain across North America and taught pastors on five continents with the General Conference Ministerial Association. In retirement he served as the Adventist product manager at Logos Bible Software, the world’s largest creator of digitized Christian content.

Suddenly Nothing Mattered

Saturday night is a busy time for 911.


2018: Comfortable or Courageous?

Will 2018 be the year you escape your comfort zone to live courageously for Jesus?


Four Unlikely Mothers at Christmas

The unlikely cast of supporting characters surrounding the birth of Jesus is beyond belief, from this world’s perspective.


95 Theses for Adventists

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther’s 95 Theses helped spark revival and reformation across Europe. We’ve seen a number of 21st-century counterpart declarations.


Good News About Hell

What’s happening with the Seventh-day Adventist Church?


Is the Church Going Through?

"No matter what, the Seventh‑day Adventist Church is going straight through to the kingdom," a veteran leader declared.


A Church Bully Transformed

America is at war — not just with ISIS but with itself. Civility vaporized during last year’s presidential campaign, and since then our nation has become even nastier.


An Autopsy of Our Death

Death is the only certainty of life in this world. Yet death is a defeated enemy. In almost taunting words, Scripture declares, “O death, where is your victory?


First-Degree Grace

Football all-pro Aaron Hernandez had everything to live for, seemingly. His starring Super Bowl performance earned him a $41 million contract extension. He had it made!


My Salvation Army Funeral

Blessed are the peacemakers.