Loren Starr

Hayden Lake Church communication leader
Hayden Lake Adventist Church

Hayden Lake Hosts 'Living in the Final Week'

A unique evangelistic series, Living in the Final Week, was presented last fall (Sept. 15–Oct. 14, 2017) by Tim Rumsey at the Hayden Lake (Idaho) Church.


Hayden Lake Shares Jesus' Love in Cuba

The Hayden Lake (Idaho) Church sent out a team of 14 missionaries to the island country of Cuba last April.


Hayden Lake Hosts Feast to Remember

Community and church members gathered Nov. 19, 2017, to give thanks and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast at the Hayden Lake Church in Hayden, Idaho.


Health Ministries Bridges Church, Community in Hayden Lake

The Hayden Lake Church in Hayden, Idaho, has been using health ministries as a bridging activity to reach the community before their fall evangelistic meetings.


Sounds of Christmas Fill Hayden Lake Church

The sounds of Christmas were in the air Dec. 17, 2016, at the Hayden Lake Church in Hayden, Idaho, as members hosted their annual Christmas musical program for the church and community.


Community Enjoys Thanksgiving in Hayden Lake

The community service department of the Hayden Lake Church in Hayden, Idaho, held its annual Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016.