Lola Lile

Spokane Valley Church communication director and Adventurer club director

Spokane Valley Church Reviews History

The pioneers in Washington's Spokane Valley began God’s work with the opening of a church school at Orchard Avenue in 1906. This group soon developed into the Orchard Avenue Church.


SVAS Rescue Squad

The images on TV revealed the catastrophe after the tsunami hit the beaches of India and Asia.


Many Hands Make Light Work

The big yellow school bus doors opened, beckoning the waiting people to climb aboard.


Maxson Presents Stewardship Seminar in Spokane

Ben Maxson, General Conference (GC) stewardship director, held a weekend seminar, "A Look at Discipleship," for the Spokane (Wash.) Valley Church in October as a conclusi


Spokane Valley Church Members Accept The Lordship Challenge

It all started at the church leadership retreat in January 2002. The leaders felt that the number one concern for our church was stewardship education.


Principles in Action Barn Party Raises Money for School and Teacher

Spokane Valley Adventist School began the year with a new teacher, Danny Terry, substituting for Debby Pipkin who had surgery July 30 in an ongoing battle with cancer.