Linnea Torkelsen

UCA development director

UCA's Community Table Forges Personal Connections

Though Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) is only about a mile from the little farming town of Spangle, Wash., the interaction between the academy and the community has been mi


UCA Students "Go MAD!"

Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) just began its second decade of operating their unique community service curriculum, HOPE Task Force, and fresh things are still happening.


HOPE Task Force

After 10 years of operating an aggressive, innovative community service program as part of the school curriculum, Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) is taking that program (HOP


What Do You Do with 23 Trumpet Players? UCA Initiates Gifted Musician Scholarship

i>. . . and dear Lord, you know that more than half my band is graduating in May. I’m loosing all my trumpets and tubas.