Linda Seeber

Gaston Church communication leader

Forest Grove Women Enjoy Retreat

A group of ladies from Forest Grove (Ore.) Church, along with a few women from the Hillsboro and Gaston churches, headed up to the Mount Hood Village Resort May 18, 2018, for a weekend filled with


Hacksaw Ridge Leads to Hell and Mr. Fudge

Over a couple years the Gaston Church, in connection with the Forest Grove Church, sought to show the movie Hell and Mr. Fudge in the local Forest Theater.


Theaters Give God an Opportunity

This past November's showing of Hacksaw Ridge in theaters across the country featured the story of World War II hero Desmond Doss.


Women Explore Ocean of Emotion in Rockaway Beach

If you ever want to experience the wild up-and-down emotions similar to the ocean waves, collect a group of women from various churches, group them together in a house by the sea for a weekend, mix


Gaston, Laurelwood Churches Hold Life-Changing Meetings

Starting on Sept. 26, 2014, about 75 people packed into the upper room at the Pythias Center in Gaston, Ore., as Amazing Facts speaker Carlo Muñoz stood up and said, “I’m so excited!