Larry Scofield

Falls City Church communication leader

Falls City Celebrates Baptism

Virginia Elaine Webb was baptized Oct. 6, 2018, in the Falls City Church by Lary Brown, pastor.


Personal Invitation Leads to Baptism

Jewel Miner was baptized into Oregon's Falls City Church on Sabbath, June 24, 2017, during the worship service.


Falls City Teen Baptized

Thirteen-year-old Cody L. Rushing was baptized on Sabbath, Jan. 10, by Lary Brown, Falls City Church pastor.


Long-term Relationships Result in Falls City Baptism

All heaven, along with the Falls City Church family and Darlene Strand’s children, grandchildren and extended family, rejoiced and celebrated her baptism into God’s family on Oct.


University Student Baptized Jessica Finds a Church Family

Jessica McIntosh was baptized into the Falls City (Ore.) Church by Doug Clayville, pastor, on Nov. 12, 2011.