Katie Currier

MAA junior

Milo in Nicaragua A Student's Afterglow

As the plane descended over the Columbia River and Portland, Ore., I stared out the window, excited about being home again.


Milo's Students Take Spiritual Temperature

These quotes, taken from this year's end-of-the-year student survey, say it all when it comes to Milo Adventist Academy's "spiritual temperature."


Milo's Bovee Receives Award

"To teach is to change a life," and some teachers especially exemplify this saying and deserve to be recognized.


Milo Varsity Teams Make Spiritual Impact

In a world where sports focus on winning at all costs, Milo Adventist Academy still encourages a Christ-like attitude.


Milo Takes to the Air Waves

Two years ago Ron Myers, European Broadcasting Services manager, offered Milo Adventist Academy the opportunity to have an on-campus radio station by providing the techno


A Beautiful Beginning at Milo

We're off to a great start this year at Milo Adventist Academy with an enrollment of 168 students, up from 138 last year.