Jeanne Barrett-Usher

Post Falls Church communication leader

Previously wrote for the Sunnyside (Wash.) Church.

Post Falls Holds Healthful Cooking Class

After a health class held earlier in the year, Post Falls (Idaho) Church held a cooking class during the fall of 2017 for those in the community who were interested in a plant-based diet.


Post Falls Celebrates Vets With Quilts

It began as a dream for Bethanne Moseanko, with the idea of celebrating the service of veteran Charles Smith (now in his 90s), who was at Fort Ord during the last days of World War II.


Post Falls Offers Health, Weight Management Class

Post Falls Church members wanted to serve their north Idaho community by providing a series of health events.


Heart Health Offered Halfway Around the World

In January of this year, Stan Orser and his son, Taylor, went to India for Healthy Heart India Ministries.


Post Falls Church Hosts Special Sabbath

It was an exciting Sabbath at Post Falls (Idaho) Church on Jan. 21, with a baby dedication and a member joining by profession of faith during the morning service.


Sunnyside Celebrates Two Baptisms

Maggie Ramirez came to the Sunnyside (Wash.) Church for a cooking class more than two years ago.


All Nations Center Adds 20 During Seminar

Angels certainly were working on the hearts of those who attended a recent All Nation’s Angel Seminar, in Wapato, Wash.