Heidi Baumgartner

Washington Conference communication director
Washington Conference

Heidi Baumgartner serves as communication director for Washington Conference. She helps 110 churches, 20 schools and 35-plus ministries tell stories about how people and ministries are living God's mission.

Mission Trips Introduce Students to Service

In addition to bettering a community, mission trips are about training a new generation in a life of service and generosity.


Students Work in Concert at Music Festival

Faith Jordan remembers two times as an elementary student when she attended the Washington Conference Music Festival at Auburn Adventist Academy. Now, however, she is an academy freshman.


Kids' Program Teaches Children to Share Their Faith

Many churches offer a Vacation Bible School each summer to creatively teach faith-based values to church and community children.  


Advocate Group Helps Families Break Cycle of Abuse

Domestic violence is a persistent issue in Pierce County that generates 70 percent of police calls, signifying deeply rooted family needs.


NPUC Pathfinder Bible Experience 2016

There’s no question the 11 Northwest Pathfinder teams who qualified for the union-level Pathfinder Bible Experience on March 12 worked hard preparing for a Bible quiz on the book of Exodus and the


Leaders Learn to Be Generational Translators

From the platform at the Youth and Young Adult Conference, a baby boomer proclaimed how every church needed a roster of youth and young adults.


Guests Join Experiential Journey to Bethlehem

For the last 10 years, Peter Vukshich is the first face guests see each year at Journey to Bethlehem after meeting their guides.


Seattle Hosts First Public Campus Ministry Training

An email notification popped up on the screen: “I’m looking for an Adventist group on my public university campus. Can you help me?”


Youth Rush Produces E-Book

Participants in Washington Youth Rush produced a 32-page e-book about their answers to prayer and divine appointments while ministering door to door in western Washington.


Brody Learns About Giving

Brody impatiently waited while his mom typed school auction information into a computer document.