Francine Delmore

Eugene Church communication leader

Emerald Women Serve Community Needs

The Emerald Adventist Community Service Center in Eugene, Ore., resumed its service to the community in August after taking the summer months off.


3ABN Plays Part in Bringing Family to Eugene Church

Well, 3ABN has done it again! At least it had a part in bringing one family to the Eugene Church.


Willamette Valley Enjoys Church in the Park

Members of the Eugene, Springfield and Pleasant Hill churches gathered at Island Park along the Willamette River for "Church in the Park” Sabbath on Aug. 19, 2006.


A Little Child Shall Feed Them

Several mothers and their children from the Eugene Church presented a cooking school over three evenings this spring. About 20 to 30 people atttended.


Couple Is Rebaptized and Married

Scott Price and Kavitha Nelapudi were baptized on Sabbath, June 25, in the Eugene Church, the day before their marriage. It was a re-baptism for both of them.