Ethan Fowler

Port Orchard Church communication leader

Kitsap Adventist Christian School board member and parent

Ethan Fowler, who lives in Silverdale with his wife and two sons, has been a newspaper journalist for 21 years and co-authored the nonfiction Review & Herald book “Brushed Back: The Trevor Bullock Story” with his wife, Mardene, in 2009.

Kids Kloset Makes a Difference in Port Orchard

What started out as a whim has turned into an inspirational community lifeline for families in need.


Pushing the Limits for Brotherhood

Continually throughout Sunset Lake’s three-day fall Father Son Campout, a thought kept crossing my mind — “What am I doing?”


Cleaning Up Roadside Helps Kitsap School Get Sign

Kitsap Adventist Christian School in Bremerton, Wash., received the first of its two roadside signs recently after it successfully completed two Kitsap County Adopt-a-Road trash collections.