Ad Policy

Advertising is accepted as a service to members in the North Pacific Union Conference. The GLEANER management reserves the right to refuse any advertisement, particularly ads not related to the needs and practices of the church membership. Acceptance of any advertising shall be considered a matter of accommodation and not a matter of right, nor shall it be construed to constitute approval of the product or service advertised. Publication of advertisements shall be at the discretion of the GLEANER editorial committee.

First-time Advertisers — Advertisers who are members of the Seventh-day Adventist church must submit a letter of endorsement from their pastor, head elder or the local conference communication director along with their first submission. Other first-time advertisers must submit references from business members of their community, a credit bureau and/or any other references requested by the editor. All references must be on official letterhead stationery and received at the GLEANER office by the deadline date of the issue desired for publication. References do not render unnecessary the approval of the GLEANER editorial committee.

Payment — Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. VISA and MasterCard accepted. Always give complete contact information (including daytime phone) to facilitate the billing process.

Classified Ads

Classified ads are words only and limited to 80 words total. Ads with any graphics, logo, bullet list, etc. will be considered a display ad and billed accordingly. Ad rates are listed on our Advertising Information page. To submit a classified ad, contact the GLEANER advertising manager.

Display Ads

Reserving Space — Display ad space should be reserved by the published ad deadline. For space availability for display ads contact the GLEANER advertising manager.

Submitting Materials — Display ads need to be submitted as a high-res, CMYK, Adobe Acrobat PDF file with the fonts embedded. Set PDF style to [Print] to achieve minimum 300 dpi resolution. Ad files should arrive by the published deadline. Display ad files needs to be sent to Desiree Lockwood, GLEANER advertising manager, or sent on a CD to GLEANER, 5709 N 20th St., Ridgefield, WA 98642.

National Advertising — Advertisers who wish to place half- or full-page display ads in at least five of the nine union magazines concurrently should contact the NAD National Buy Advertising coordinator by visiting


Accepted advertisements will represent mainstream Adventist thought. Following are examples of advertising not ordinarily acceptable for the GLEANER:

  1. Advertisements for any type of medication or health aid. These include tonics, laxatives, vitamins, herbs, etc. Also included are brochures or catalogs with information on these medications or health aids.
  2. Advertisements for housekeepers, maids etc. submitted by single adults of the opposite sex.
  3. Advertisements with unproven claims for devices or appliances.
  4. Advertisements for used cars, boats, trailers, etc. except by specific written approval of the editor.
  5. Advertisements for books, tracts, recordings and other printed materials that are not available in the local Adventist Book Center.
  6. Advertisements of financial investment opportunities, or regarding the borrowing or lending of money, except those related to the funds and trust services of the Adventist denomination’s organizations and institutions, except as approved by the editorial committee.
  7. Fundraising projects, except those approved by NPUC Executive Committee or Presidents Council.
  8. Multi-level advertising.
  9. Self-supporting schools or institutions outside the NPUC. Such institutions within the NPUC must be affiliated with ASI and/or have the approval of the local conference.

For more information, contact Desiree Lockwood by email; call 360-857-7043; or fax 360-857-7143.