Montana Men Blessed by Annual Summit

The 11th annual Montana Men’s Summit, held Sept. 27–29, blessed and strengthened the many men who attended. Speaker Dick Duerksen recounted the story of Barnabas and the lessons taught by his life and his relationship with John Mark and Paul. He explored what it means to be a polished arrow in God’s quiver (Isaiah 49:2) and challenged the men to follow the instruction found in Colossians 3 and reap the blessings that result.

Montana Conference Holds Convocation Sabbath

Members from churches throughout the state of Montana attended the Conference Convocation Sabbath held Oct. 5 at the Great Falls Church. The purpose of this year’s training was to emphasize the need for reclamation ministries that reach out to the former and inactive members within our territory.

2013 Montana Pathfinder Camporee

The Montana State Pathfinder Camporee began on Friday, Sept. 20. We drove all the way to Joliet, Mont., to get there. When we arrived I realized my club, the Gallatin Grizzlies from Bozeman, was the first one to get there. It was nice because we had all the space to choose from. We girls found a spot for our tent, and we began to set it up. Some of the girls started to bicker, but we finally agreed on how to set up the tent. I felt so proud to have our tent set up when I looked at the boy’s tent and it was still on the ground.